Cyber Security Trainings and Coaching

Cyber Security Trainings and Coaching

F-Secure training sessions feature advanced security topics and cutting-edge knowledge, delivered by highly-skilled ethical hackers with experience in corporate education. Our sessions are entirely customizable – material, technical content, duration – to be tailored to meet your organization's specific needs.


No technical knowledge required; the goal of the "Security threat landscape" course is to jumpstart and improve your company "security culture", providing our clients the latest security news and running through attack scenarios and defenses relevant to their businesses.


Targeted towards technical staff, but not necessarily experts; the goal is to cover a specific subject and to provide deeper technical knowledge. Topics include web application security, mobile application security, HTML5 security, security testing for functional testers, and incident response.


Targeted towards technical staff with a solid knowledge in the course area; the goal is to provide subject experts a deep understanding of cutting-edge security concepts and to increase the security context of their work. Topics include web application security, mobile application security, and HTML5 security.

We also offer guidance on these additional selected topics:

  • Implementation of secure SDLC processes
  • Secure application development
  • "Know your enemy" hacking courses
  • Security testing for test engineers
  • Security policies and compliance, including ISO27001, ISF, and PCI DSS
  • Strategic corporate security development
  • Security culture training
  • PCI training

Cyber Security Coaching

Coaching and mentoring methods consist of regular meetings with defined topics for discussion and development. The coaching sessions are interactive workshops where security issues are discussed from a business-driven development perspective.

Each coaching session lasts 2-4 hours and is planned in advance based on mutually-agreed focus areas. At F-Secure, we recommend that coaching sessions are organized 1-4 times every month for a period of 6-24 months.

Strategic Coaching

Focused on directing a client towards a long-term security strategy within a specific domain.

Technical Coaching

Focused on directing a client towards achieving an immediate technical security goal.

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Best Protection

F-Secure solutions consistently receive top honors in independent security evaluations. That includes winning AV-TEST's Best Protection Award—for the past four years running.

The way we see it, winning one year could be luck. Winning two years is a good sign. Winning four years in a row proves category dominance.

"F-Secure Protection Service for Business is well suited to small businesses, including those without their own IT staff. The console is web-based and so requires no installation, while deploying the endpoint-protection software on client PCs is no more difficult than installing iTunes."

"Since 2011 F-Secure business security solutions have guaranteed the highest protection in corporate environments."