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Maintaining control over mobile devices is a critical aspect of modern cyber security. With Protection Service for Business, you can secure and manage all iOS & Android mobiles with mobile device management and VPN - without limiting your employees.

Note: This component of Protection Service for Business is not available in Bahrain, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.


Smartphones are as vulnerable as they are indispensable. Full of sensitive company data, when left unprotected they pose a serious threat to your organization.

Your business traffic, like sensitive emails, can be monitored in real-time on public WIFI networks. Malicious websites and applications can leak even more information and result in huge phone bills. And if a device is lost or stolen, what then?

Solving the situation is challenging. Not only is there a diversity of devices, but they're often outside of your network perimeter, giving you limited visibility and control.


The mobile client is designed to support industry standard deployment through third-party MDM solutions, such as AirWatch, MobileIron, Intune, and MaaS360.

Using a dedicated security component provides a considerable increase in security against malware, data theft, and phishing, among other threats, on top of the basic security features provided by the existing MDM solution.

Although your security coverage is the same when deploying the mobile client through a third-party MDM, some of the device management functions are provided by that MDM, rather than through the mobile client.



Protection Service for Business gives you an easy way to secure and control your mobile devices, wherever they are. You get everything you need in one package: anti-malware, anti-theft, VPN and mobile device management.

Gain vital mobile device control and visibility through mobile device management

Prevent data breaches by encrypting all mobile traffic with a personal VPN service, and wipe devices in case of theft or loss

Maintain great device and battery performance with our modern ultra-light technology

Increase mobile browsing speed up to 30% by using traffic compression and preventing online tracking and advertisement


Control and Enforce Mobile Security

Mobile Device Management gives you granular control over your device fleet. Use it to configure and enforce security policies, such as passcode use, and to centrally activate anti-theft functions in case of theft or loss, for example by wiping the device remotely.

Mobile Device Management enables you to control devices throughout their lifecycles, not just when they are lost or stolen. It also provides detailed information about the devices themselves above and beyond their security status. This allows you to more efficiently monitor your fleet's security status and to identify issues for quick remediation. For example, you can identify:

  • devices with OS versions that have vulnerabilities, like Android 4.1.1 with Heartbeat
  • whether the device has been rooted
  • when the device has repeatedly attempted to visit questionable websites, or how much traffic has been encrypted

Encrypt All Your Mobile Traffic

The mobile VPN automatically encrypts traffic between your mobile device and a selected F-Secure service node, allowing you you to safely utilize public Wifi and mobile networks.

It prevents the interception of emails, browser sessions and use of online services, in addition to providing an extra security layer for HTTPS connections. It also enables you to change your virtual location, hide your IP address and access local services when abroad.

Using the Personal Mobile VPN does not slow down your device. By using traffic compression and preventing online tracking and advertising, we can increase your mobile browsing speed by up to 30%.

For Android devices, we utilize OpenVPN with AES-256 encryption for the control channel and AES-128 for the data. For iOS devices we utilize IPSEC with AES-256.

Real-time threat intelligence

The F-Secure Security Cloud is our own cloud-based threat analysis system. It utilizes Big Data and Machine Learning, among others, to continuously add to our knowledge base of digital threats. The Security Cloud is constantly in touch with client systems, identifying new threats as they emerge and providing protection within minutes.

A cloud-based threat analysis service affords many benefits over traditional approaches. We gather threat intelligence from hundreds of thousands of a large number of client nodes, building a real-time picture of the global threat situation. Within minutes, we use that knowledge to protect our customers.

For example, if DeepGuard's heuristic and behavior analysis identifies a zero-day attack, the information is shared with all protected devices via the F-Secure Security Cloud—rendering the advanced attack harmless mere minutes after initial detection.

For more F-Secure Security Cloud functions and benefits, consult our technical whitepaper.

Ultra-Light Anti-Malware

When using our VPN connection, mobile devices are automatically protected against malware and malicious content. Our service node scans the traffic at the network level, utilizing the full extent of our security analytics. This allows us to provide better security than traditional mobile security solutions:

  • Security level is not hampered by limited mobile device resources
  • Resource-intensive processes don't impact device performance and battery life
  • Network-level scanning prevents contact with malicious content in the first place

For Android devices, security is further enhanced with local scanning—including real-time reputation checks from the F-Secure Security Cloud—even when the VPN is not connected. When an APK or file is downloaded, it is scanned and reputation-checked in the Security Cloud. Malicious files are prevented from running and unknown files or apps are uploaded for deeper scanning. Scan results benefit all users, for example by minimizing false positives and rendering new attacks harmless in a matter of minutes.

Prevent Access to Malicious Sites

Browsing Protection is a key security layer that proactively prevents end-users from visiting malicious sites. This is particularly effective, as early intervention greatly reduces overall exposure to malicious content, and thus attacks.

For example, Browsing Protection will prevent end-users from being tricked into accessing seemingly legitimate phishing sites, accessing malicious sites through an email link, or getting infected through malicious 3rd party advertisements on otherwise legitimate sites.

The feature works by fetching the latest reputation check of the websites and their files from F-Secure's Security Cloud, based on various data points such as IP addresses, URL keywords and site behavior.

Browsing Protection is fully browser agnostic, as it works at the network level. This ensures that it still provides protection even if the end-user is not using company sanctioned browsers./p>

Boosts Browsing Speed

Anti-tracking prevents most online services from collecting information about the user: what is searched, which websites are visited, which banners are clicked, geographical location, and more. Anti-Tracking blocks various tracking methods including cookie, script and pixel-tracking.

Information tracking is a technique commonly used to track and profile company personnel for employee poaching. Criminals can also utilize the data to orchestrate social engineering attacks, and even to target businesses by industry, size and location, as examples.

Online tracking and advertisement have become so pervasive and resource-intensive that by preventing them we can also increase mobile device browsing speed by up to 30%. It will also save you money by reducing your mobile data consumption.

3RD Party MDM Support

The mobile client is designed to support industry standard deployment through third-party MDM solutions, such as AirWatch, MobileIron, Intune, and MaaS360.

By using a dedicated security component on top of the basic capabilities provided by the MDM solution, you can significantly increase your security against malware, data theft, and phishing attempts targeted at mobile devices.

On Android, the deployment can be done either via Google Play or as an uploaded APK. iOS deployment is done via the Apple App Store. Security monitoring can be done normally through the PSB Management Portal. Managing the client lifecycle, such as upgrades or removal, can be done via the MDM or by relying on automatic upgrades from the app stores.

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Best Protection

F-Secure solutions consistently receive top honors in independent security evaluations. That includes winning AV-TEST's Best Protection Award—for the past four years running.

The way we see it, winning one year could be luck. Winning two years is a good sign. Winning four years in a row proves category dominance.

"F-Secure Protection Service for Business is well suited to small businesses, including those without their own IT staff. The console is web-based and so requires no installation, while deploying the endpoint-protection software on client PCs is no more difficult than installing iTunes."

"Since 2011 F-Secure business security solutions have guaranteed the highest protection in corporate environments."