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True Security — The Smart Way

Powerful, modern, and designed to solve challenging security needs as easily as possible, Protection Service for Business is one of the world's leading multi-endpoint security solutions.

Protection Service for Business is designed for businesses that demand outstanding security for all endpoints—wherever they go—while making it as easy as possible to manage and control diverse multi-device environments.

Best Security

Modern, world-leading security, proven by independent industry experts.

All Endpoints

Secure all your endpoints—computers, mobiles and servers—hassle-free.

Easy to Manage

Deploy, monitor and control everything from one easy-to-use portal.

The Downside of Endpoint Diversity

Today, businesses use more devices over more connections than ever before. The network perimeter extends to wherever your colleagues happen to be. And of course more devices and more software means more vulnerabilities. With attacks doubling in number each year and growing in sophistication, it's hard to stay on of top of cyber security.

Yet security is just a small part of what you do. How do you keep everything secure with the limited time and resources that you have?

Protection Service for Business

Protection Service for Business is a service that solves challenging security and management needs, without significant maintenance or management. It's designed to secure a large variety of endpoints, both at the office and on the go.

It's a solution that provides outstanding security for all devices, including Windows and Mac computers, iOS and Android smartphones and a large variety of server platforms.

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Real-Time Operations

Protection Service for Business now works in real time. It allows you to manage and monitor the security of your environment without disruptions or needless waiting caused by polling intervals.

New Profile Settings

We have added a large number of frequently requested configuration options. They provide much finer control over the security settings, as well as much-needed flexibility for more demanding environments.

Management API

Through our new Management API, we support complete integration of the management platform with any third-party management system. All operations that are available through the Management Portal are also available through the Management API.

3rd Party MDM Support

The mobile client supports deployment through third-party MDM solutions, such as AirWatch, MobileIron, Intune, and MaaS360. Using a dedicated security component on top of the basic capabilities provided by an MDM solution greatly increases the security level of mobile devices.

Best Value For Your Business

Protection Service for Business is the only unified endpoint security solution on the market that delivers centrally managed computer, mobile and server security along with integrated patch and mobile device management.

  • With one hosted solution covering all of your endpoints, there's no need to maintain multiple security products or extra hardware
  • You get world-leading security through pioneering technologies, like real-time threat intelligence provided via the F-Secure Security Cloud
  • Includes tools like Patch Management and MDM that enable you to do more with your security budget
  • With monthly licensing, you can choose to pay according to your monthly usage. Yearly licensing is also an option
  • Thanks to remote deployment, automatic removal of old anti-virus software and no hardware set up, AV-Comparatives found our endpoint installation "no more complicated than installing iTunes"
  • Save management and maintenance time with a unified management console, automatic patch management and product and database updates.

So how does it work?

There are four components to Protection Service for Business: a cloud-based Management Portal and endpoint security clients for Computers, Mobiles and Servers.

A Whole Lot More Than Just Anti-Virus

In the modern security landscape, you need more than traditional anti-malware. We provide you with pioneering technologies like Heuristic Analysis, Machine Learning, and Real-Time Threat Intelligence via the F-Secure Security Cloud—ensuring that you're at the forefront of security.

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Best Protection

F-Secure solutions consistently receive top honors in independent security evaluations. That includes winning AV-TEST's Best Protection Award—for the past four years running.

The way we see it, winning one year could be luck. Winning two years is a good sign. Winning four years in a row proves category dominance.

"F-Secure Protection Service for Business is well suited to small businesses, including those without their own IT staff. The console is web-based and so requires no installation, while deploying the endpoint-protection software on client PCs is no more difficult than installing iTunes."

"Since 2011 F-Secure business security solutions have guaranteed the highest protection in corporate environments."