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Servers are mission-critical to a company's communication, collaboration and data storage. Protection Service for Business provides the utmost security for your servers, while enabling them to run at peak performance.


High-profile attacks have proven that servers still remain a critical part of the overall security strategy. Because of the vital role that they play, servers are one of the most targeted business assets.

In addition to proper configuration, you need proven security that leverages real-time threat intelligence, modern technologies such as Heuristic Analysis, and tools like Patch Management to ensure that security levels meet the rigors of the modern security landscape.



Protection Service for Business provides powerful, modern security for your server environment. With real-time threat intelligence via the F-Secure Security Cloud, and tools like Patch Management, your security levels will exceed modern standards.

Ensure the utmost protection with pioneering security technologies such as Heuristic Analysis and real-time threat intelligence

Assess missing security updates to identify and patch exploitable vulnerabilities in published applications and servers' own software

Secure all your Windows and Citrix terminal users with our complete security stack—without impacting performance or usability

With monthly licensing, you can choose to pay according to your monthly usage. Yearly licensing is also an option

Take advantage of additional security components tailored for specialized servers, such as SharePoint and Exchange

F-Secure server solutions are Citrix Ready-certified, ensuring that they work flawlessly in your Citrix environments



Software Updater is an integrated patch management feature that comes with F-Secure server clients. Unlike with traditional patch management solutions, there is no need to install separate agents, management servers or consoles.

It works by scanning for missing updates in published applications and within server software. It creates a vulnerability report based on missing patches, enabling administrators to patch the vulnerable software when needed, or automatically—with an option for exclusions.

Software Updater covers over 2500+ server and 3rd party software, such as Apache, BizTalk, Microsoft SQL, Flash, Java and many others. It can prevent up to 80% of attacks simply by preventing the exploitation of vulnerabilities, as they are commonly used as attack vectors.

Real-time threat intelligence

The F-Secure Security Cloud is our own cloud-based threat analysis system. It utilizes Big Data and Machine Learning, among others, to continuously add to our knowledge base of digital threats. The Security Cloud is constantly in touch with client systems, identifying new threats as they emerge and providing protection within minutes.

A cloud-based threat analysis service affords many benefits over traditional approaches. We gather threat intelligence from hundreds of thousands of a large number of client nodes, building a real-time picture of the global threat situation. Within minutes, we use that knowledge to protect our customers.

For example, if DeepGuard's heuristic and behavior analysis identifies a zero-day attack, the information is shared with all protected devices via the F-Secure Security Cloud—rendering the advanced attack harmless mere minutes after initial detection.

For more F-Secure Security Cloud functions and benefits, consult our technical whitepaper.

Heuristic & Behavior Analysis

DeepGuard combines some of our most advanced security technologies. It's the final and most critical layer of defense against new threats—even those that target previously unknown vulnerabilities.

DeepGuard observes application behavior and proactively intercepts any potentially harmful action on-the-fly before it causes damage. By switching the focus from signature characteristics to malicious behavior patterns, DeepGuard can identify and block malware even before a sample has been acquired and examined.

When an unknown or suspicious program is first launched, DeepGuard temporarily delays its execution in order to perform a file reputation and prevalence rate check, runs it in a sandbox environment, then finally executes it for behavioral analysis and exploit interception.

For more information about Deep Guard functions and benefits, consult our technical whitepaper.

Superior Malware Protection

Our computer security component utilizes our multi-engine security platform to detect and prevent malware. It offers superior protection to traditional signature-based technologies:

  • Detects a broader range of malicious features, patterns and trends, enabling more reliable and accurate detections, even for previously unseen malware variants
  • By using real-time look-ups from the F-Secure Security Cloud, it can react faster to new and emerging threats in addition to ensuring a small footprint
  • Emulation enables detection of malware that utilize obfuscation techniques, and offers another layer of security before a file is run

Proactive Web Security

Browsing Protection is a key security layer that proactively prevents end-users from visiting malicious sites. This is particularly effective, as early intervention greatly reduces overall exposure to malicious content, and thus attacks.

For example, Browsing Protection will prevent end-users from being tricked into accessing seemingly legitimate phishing sites, accessing malicious sites through an email link, or getting infected through malicious 3rd party advertisements on otherwise legitimate sites.

The feature works by fetching the latest reputation check of the websites and their files from F-Secure's Security Cloud, based on various data points such as IP addresses, URL keywords and site behavior.

Browsing Protection is fully browser agnostic, as it works at the network level. This ensures that it still provides protection even if the end-user is not using company sanctioned browsers./p>

Secure Your Web Traffic

Web Traffic Scanning scans HTTP Web traffic in real-time, using multiple complementary anti-malware scanning engines and reputation checks via the F-Secure Security Cloud. {See Multi-Engine Anti-Malware for more information.}

Web Traffic Scanning is fully software- and client-agnostic, as the technology is solely protocol based, enabling it to protect all HTTP traffic regardless of the source.

Real-time decisions made based on multiple complementary data points render Web Traffic Scanning vastly superior to more traditional signature-based technologies. Scanning at the network level is an extremely efficient way of detecting and blocking malicious content. It ensures that it will never come into contact with endpoints, vastly limiting attack capabilities and providing additional protection against more advanced malware, for example the memory-only variety.

Collaborate and Share Securely

We provide additional security components for dedicated SharePoint Servers. They ensure safe file sharing in intra- and extranet SharePoint servers, when the files are either uploaded or downloaded. You get an informative overview of what files have been scanned, with categorization.

The solution uses our multi-engine anti-malware platform. It offers superior protection to traditional signature-based technologies by:

  • detecting a broader range of malicious features, patterns and trends, enabling more reliable and accurate detection
  • using emulation to detect malware that utilize obfuscation techniques,offering another layer of security before a file is run

Email Security and Spam Filtering

We provide additional security components for dedicated Exchange Servers. They protect your company's email traffic, whether incoming, outgoing, or internal, from malicious attachments, spam, phishing and offensive content.

The solution uses multiple layers of protection, which includes attachment control, intelligent file type recognition, keyword based content filtering, archive scanning and our multi-engine anti-malware platform. For spam and phishing, the solution uses a dedicated, best-of-breed anti-spam engine that ensures high detection rate and very low false-positives.

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Best Protection

F-Secure solutions consistently receive top honors in independent security evaluations. That includes winning AV-TEST's Best Protection Award—for the past four years running.

The way we see it, winning one year could be luck. Winning two years is a good sign. Winning four years in a row proves category dominance.

"F-Secure Protection Service for Business is well suited to small businesses, including those without their own IT staff. The console is web-based and so requires no installation, while deploying the endpoint-protection software on client PCs is no more difficult than installing iTunes."

"Since 2011 F-Secure business security solutions have guaranteed the highest protection in corporate environments."